Can you get stasis weapons without beyond light? (2024)

Do you need Beyond Light Deluxe for stasis?

In order to unlock the Stasis Supers and abilities, players must first complete the Beyond Light campaign. Once this is done, it's possible to upgrade Stasis with Aspects and new ability types.

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Can I play witch queen if I don't have Beyond Light?

[quote]does the witch queen expansion come with beyond light?[/quote] No. Each expansion is a stand-alone product.

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Do you need to play Beyond Light before witch queen?

Before taking on Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion, you'll want to go through the Shadowkeep and Beyond Light expansions that came before.

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Can you still get stasis aspects?

Stasis subclasses can earn their third and fourth Aspects from the Aspect of Influence and Aspect of Interference quests, respectively—both of which are obtained from the Exo Stranger.

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How do you get stasis in 2022?

Stasis is only available for Guardians that own the Beyond Light expansion. To get your hands on it, you'll need to beat the campaign, and if you have one of each class, you'll need to do it three times.

Should I buy Beyond Light or wait for witch queen?

Get witch queen first, it's better in every way. The only good thing about Beyond light is Stasis, Lament, and 2 raid weapons. Plus the exotics from the kiosk, but you are new so you probably won't have the currency to get them yet. With destiny, ALWAYS get the most recent content first then work backwards.

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How do I get Destiny DLC for free?

To get Destiny 2's 30th Anniversary Edition for free, make sure you already have the Epic Games store launcher downloaded.
How To Redeem?
  1. Download the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Log in.
  3. Go to 'Store'
  4. Find Destiny 2.
  5. Click on 'Get'
24 Aug 2022

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Will Beyond Light be free?

As of Season 18, none of the Destiny 2 expansions are free. Those remaining in the game, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen, are all paid content. Players can access some aspects of those expansions and the seasons associated with them for free, but most story quests require a purchase.

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How long is Witch Queen free for?

Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen are FREE to all players until August 30. Part of the game will remain locked during this period, including the current Season Pass, the Dungeon Key, the Forsaken Content Pack, and the 30th Anniversary Pack.

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How do you switch to stasis in Destiny 2?

Pressing Y/Triangle/Right-Clicking the icon will open the Stasis subclass menu, where you'll notice a few things are different. There are no branching trees here, but instead a segment for your abilities, Fragments, and Aspects.


How do you unlock stasis as witch queen?

Unlocking Stasis

You must own the Beyond Light expansion to unlock Stasis. All Stasis subclasses are unlocked by completing the Beyond Light campaign and various quests from the Exo Stranger.

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How do you unlock stasis aspects and fragments?

You'll need to go to the Kell's Rising area on Europa and follow the quest markers as they guide you to a linear path with five more Entropic Shards you need to destroy with the Salvation's Grip. Then you'll need to complete another Heroic Exo Challenge.

Can you get stasis weapons without beyond light? (2024)
How do you unlock the witch queen subclasses in Destiny 2?

You can unlock the subclasses for a character by completing a quest at Cosmodrome. You can talk to Ikora Rey or Commander Zavala who will assign you a mission called Guardian Rises. As you complete this mission, you will get another mission titled, a Spark of Hope.

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