How do you do double Seppuku? (2023)

How do you use Seppuku to both swords?

How To Get Seppuku On Both Katanas In Elden Ring - YouTube

(Video) BLOOD LOSS Build with Dual Seppuku is now INSANE ► Elden Ring
Does Seppuku work on both weapons?

How to use the Seppuku Ash of War. This may sound silly, but Seppuku is a little complicated. While you can just use one of them, the secret trick to this build is activating it on both your katanas at the same time. To do this, you'll have to start by two-handing your left katana, and then using Seppuku.

Does Seppuku work with dual wield?

BLOOD LOSS Build with Dual Seppuku is now INSANE Elden Ring

(Video) How To Get Seppuku On Both Katanas In Elden Ring
(Moe Gaming)
Does Seppuku stack in Elden Ring?

Both the Seppuku and passive bleed effects stack independently. Having a weapon that bleeds, a property that bleeds, and an Ash of War that bleeds allows players to rapidly chunk enemies for large portions of their health.

(Video) How to get Seppuku on both Katanas - Elden Ring
(Team BGR)
Is dual wield Uchigatana good?

Whether it is PvE or PvP combat, the Uchigatana is an excellent weapon, as it brings out a decent amount of Piercing and Slash Damage to enemies.

(Video) Updated Best Dex/Bleed Seppuku Katana Samurai Build Elden Ring
(Dead Zpikes)
How do you hand off two handed weapons?

Elden Ring: How to Two Hand a Weapon [Xbox, PlayStation and PC]

(Video) Elden Ring | How to Get SEPPUKU Ash of War - Amazing for Blood Loss Builds!
(Arekkz Gaming)
What weapon should I put Seppuku on?

Elden Ring Seppuku is a Normal Skill, and can be found on Thrusting Sword, Spear, Great Spear. You can also use Ash of War Seppuku to apply the skill to weapons of that same type.
Elden Ring Seppuku.
FP Cost4
Ash of WarAsh of War Seppuku
Ash of War AffinityBlood: Adds Arcane Adds Bleed
2 more rows
May 31, 2022

(Video) Should you run Seppuku Elden Ring Seppuku ashes of war testing
(Dead Zpikes)
How can I get a second Uchigatana?

How to get 2 uchigatanas katanas Elden Ring - YouTube

(Video) Elden Ring - Dual Seppuku Blood Art Katana Vs Ancient Dragon Lansseax [No-Hit] Gameplay
Is bleed the best in Elden Ring?

Across the vast expanse of The Lands Between, most are in unanimous agreement that Bleed is one of the most powerful afflictions in Elden Ring.

(Video) Double Seppuku - Elden Ring
(Pixel Rich Games)
What is Seppuku best on Elden Ring?

Best Weapons For Occult Seppuku Bleed Build

There is one curved sword in the game that actually has that stats, this is the Scavenger's Curved Sword. On the other hand, the Scavenger's Curved Sword is ironical, one of the best non-legendary weapons in the game.

(Video) Elden Ring pvp double Seppuku

How do you use Seppuku offhand?

Elden Ring | How to use Two Ashes of War at Once - YouTube

(Video) Dear double seppuku healers...
How much extra bleed does Seppuku add?

Seppuku adds 90 bleed to the weapon, treated as an innate property. This means weapons that have arcane scaling (Occult for example) will increase the applied buildup.

How do you do double Seppuku? (2023)
How long does Seppuku last in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Seppuku Guide, Notes & Tips

The buff lasts exactly 60 seconds from the time "Blood Loss" appears on screen. The blood loss from this skill can activate the damage increase buff from Lord of Blood's Exultation and the White Mask.

How does Seppuku work Elden Ring?

How to get Seppuku in Elden Ring. The Ash of War: Seppuku grants the Blood affinity and Seppuku skill where you plunge the blade into your stomach to stain it with blood, this will increase your attack power and improve the ability to inflict blood loss.

How do you dual wield a katana Elden Ring?

Dual-wielding in Elden Ring works for every weapon category, from katanas and daggers to great hammers and colossal weapons. You can hold a weapon with both hands by holding Triangle or Y and pressing R1 or RB to two-hand wield the weapon on your right hand, or pressing L1 or LB for the weapon on your left hand.

How do you use ash of war on both weapons?

Elden Ring | How to use Two Ashes of War at Once - YouTube

How do you get two of the same weapon in Elden Ring?

How to Dual Wield Weapons in Elden Ring (PS5, Xbox, PC) - YouTube

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