Merge mansion cleaning box? (2024)

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How do you get the cleaning Box in Merge Mansion?

Cleaning Tools can be gained from the Broom Cabinet, the Red Box or bought from the Shop. The Drop Rate for these is around 8x higher than for Detergent. Cleaning Tools are used a lot during the later game.

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How many brooms needed in Merge Mansion?

Broom are required in total (1 in each of Pool Area, Pool House Patio, Plaza, and Pier).

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How do you get unlimited energy in Merge Mansion?

When you get the Unlimited Energy Booster on the Event Board, just tap on it to activate it. No energy will be consumed for the duration of the Booster's activation period. If you use two Unlimited Energy Boosters at the same time, their times will be added together.

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Does Merge Mansion have cheats?

There are no Merge Mansion cheat codes sadly, but there are different tricks that can help you on your way. These include changing the time in your phone's settings, as well as basic tips to optimise your experience.

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Do you ever get inside Merge Mansion?

You'll naturally unlock the House in Merge Mansions at level 14. If you've made enough progress through the Garage section of the game, at least.

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What is the grandma hiding in Merge Mansion?

Are you here because you want to find out what Grandma Ursula is hiding? I'm sorry to inform you that she is not hiding anything at all, even a little bit. And this is the WK team typing, not Grandma Ursula, who is innocent. She is a wonderful, innocent little grandma.

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How many times can you press the piggy bank in Merge Mansion?

Piggy Bank (I) 19 times before you merge them. Be sure to count the drops and not your doubletaps, because sometimes one doubletap can make two items drop simultaneously.

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Does the golden tree do anything in Merge Mansion?

Currently, the only use of Golden Seeds is the fuelling Seedling Kit. This kit is necessary to get exotic plants in the Conservatory.

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Should I keep makeup tools in Merge Mansion?

Gameplay Tips

After creating the Car Hood Ornament, the Makeup Tools are no longer required and can be sold to save space.

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What level does Merge Mansion end?

Currently the maximum level is Level 50 it is not possible to increase your level higher than this. The level cap will be increased in future game updates. Reading the tips and guides page is recommended for beginners. Please be aware that any Areas that are unlocked after Level 50 are currently not available.

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Do you use butterflies in Merge Mansion?

Butterfly is an item in Merge Mansion. It is used on the Main Board.

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What does Dracula do in Merge Mansion?

Gameplay Tips

Dracula will drop one bat if clicked after the timer has run out. It will also then vanish. So if you need Dracula or the Scary Mask for a task, do not try to collect the Bat.

Merge mansion cleaning box? (2024)
How long does it take to get 100 energy in Merge Mansion?

The Maximum Energy one can have via Energy Recovery is 100. 1 Energy will recover every 2 Minutes, this means it takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to completely fill the Energy Bar again.

Can you double boosters in Merge Mansion?

The smallest booster lasts for 2hrs but they can be merged into bigger boosters that last longer. The boosters are single use.

How long does it take for a vase to crack in Merge Mansion?

In order to create mosaic pieces, you first need to learn how to get shrapnel in Merge Mansion. You get Merge Mansion shrapnel when (after six hours) you break a vase (I). This also causes a pouch part to fall out. Alternatively, you get Merge Mansion shrapnel by breaking a ship in a bottle.

Can you merge Daily chests in Merge Mansion?

It will drop various items and will vanish after 10 Drops. There is no opening time and it cannot be merged.

How do you get Boulton in Merge Mansion?

The Boultons are generated from Garden Furniture items (Hedgehog-Garden Gnome-Garden Flamingo-Gazebo). Even if the Stone Can resource is not attractive to players, they can leverage this event to gather XP and level up efficiently.

What is the best way to use scissors in Merge Mansion?

Scissors are used by dragging them on top of an item you wish to split. Unlike most aspects of the game, scissors ask for confirmation before splitting the indicated item. The charge is likewise only used after the confirmation.

Why does the grandma go to jail in Merge Mansion?

Ursula burns Arthur's house down in an act of retaliation and ends up in jail as Maddie works to break her out.

Who is the villain in Merge Mansion?

Ursula | Merge Mansion Wiki | Fandom.

What is the purpose of moths in Merge Mansion?

1 L6 moths gives you 20 silk drops per charge. It needs 1 hour per recharge and can be recharged 2 times. That way it gives you 60 silk drops in total.

Can you time skip in Merge Mansion?

Time Skip Booster can be activated to skip Recharge Times in the Garage.

What happens when you merge spooky old trees?

Merging the Spooky Old Trees produces a Sunken Chest. Grows Necromancer Grass nearby. Harvest for Decayed Logs.

What do the butterflies do in Merge Mansion?

Basically, the rewards from that event are pool toys, which you 'feed' with top level butterflies and moths to receive casey and skatie items, which in turn build up towards fixing a sign for the beach area.

What gives mosaics in Merge Mansion?

Now that you ask, it's possible to get Mosaic pieces by leaving a Level 1 Vase on your Merge Board for a number of hours.

Do you ever use yarn in Merge Mansion?

It is important to note that you require Yarn or its other merged products for several missions at Pool House and other locations.

What do the paint cans come out of in Merge Mansion?

You can get Paint Cans (Levels 1 to 3) from the Tool Box. However, the Tool Box has to be Level 4 to give you the drops periodically. Moreover, you can also receive Paint Cans through the Blue Box and the Paint Box. The latter is available as part of the rewards from the Daily Missions.

How often do paint cans drop in Merge Mansion?

Gameplay Tips

Tool Box: Only 1 in ~30 Drops. Screws drop more frequently.

Is there a level 55 in Merge Mansion?

that there are two levels 55.

How do you get rid of the Halloween stuff in Merge Mansion?

If you press the banner button in the bottom right corner then press the flower plants then press the get rid of button, and it will be gone.

How do I get drawer parts in Merge Mansion?

Gameplay Tips
  1. Drawer Knob can be attained from Brown Chest or the Shop. Rarely it will be dropped from the. Drawer itself.
  2. From Drawer Boxes onward it will drop Vase (L1), when tapped. Rare drops are Pot Fragment, Closed Tool Crate (very rare) and. ...
  3. Vases (L1-3) have a much higher drop rate than. Pot Fragment (1 in ~15).

How do you get the bird Box to Merge Mansion?

If you merge the tools to a level 4 (the spray bottle) you can tap it and it will randomly give you a picnic basket, a flower tool kit or a bird tool kit. When you feed the bird tool kit it will give you bird houses you can then merge and at the end you will get birds.

What drops soap in Merge Mansion?

Soap is one of the Detergent items that you can receive as a drop from the Broom Cabinet in the Merge Mansion. However, this Broom Cabinet must be at least level four and above to receive the drops. In many instances, you can receive the Soap directly as a drop or will have to create one by merging two Toothpastes.

Do you ever need the makeup tools again in Merge Mansion?

After creating the Car Hood Ornament, the Makeup Tools are no longer required and can be sold to save space.

What is the point of the scissors in Merge Mansion?

Scissors are used to split an item into 2 of the previous level items in the merge chain. They start with 3 charges, and merging two scissors will combine the number of splits left. These are a reward item from the 2022 Spring Holiday, Terrace Triumphs, 2022 Winter Holiday, and 2023 New Year's events.

Can you speed up Merge Mansion?

Leveling up your account is important as this will give you access to new features, as well as important boosters that can further expedite your progress in Merge Mansion.

What does the golden tree do in Merge Mansion?

Once the empty seed bags are combined, the Golden Tree Seeds appear in the player's inventory. Currently, the only use of Golden Seeds is the fuelling Seedling Kit.

How do I get more toolboxes in Merge Mansion?

Game Play Tips
  1. Parts for the. Tool Box are strewn about the Garage in the beginning.
  2. Tool Box and Tool Box can be obtained from the Fancy Blue Chest or bought for 25 and 40 Gems respectively from the. Shop.
  3. Tool Box (L4) will give Tools (L1), Screws (L1) and. Paint Can (L1) when tapped. ...
  4. The Drop Rate for.

What does the Scarab box do in Merge Mansion?

Scarab Box is not used in any task at the moment. It is used for high level players to have a goal to reach, when they have no tasks left.

How do I get Mosaic Merge Mansion?

Now that you ask, it's possible to get Mosaic pieces by leaving a Level 1 Vase on your Merge Board for a number of hours.

Can you combine gift Boxes Merge Mansion?

Gift Box is by name a box, but behaves more like a chest. It can be found on the Boxes page as well. It will drop various items and will vanish after 10 Drops. There is no opening time and it cannot be merged.

What is grandma hiding in Merge Mansion?

The mystery behind Merge Mansion's Grandma is basically a marketing gimmick in an attempt to keep the game's name (and characters) on top of people's minds.

What does toothpaste come out of in Merge Mansion?

Toothpaste is obtained from the Broom Cabinet - the same source that gives you Towels. The Drop Rate for this is about 1 Toothpaste to 8 Towels.

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