What banking job pays the most? (2024)

What banking job pays the most?

The best-paying jobs in major banks include financial analysts, accountants, and managers overseeing financial operations, marketing, and sales. Most of the highest-paying jobs major banks offer require at least a bachelor's degree and several years of experience.

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Which banking role pays the most?

The best-paying jobs in major banks include financial analysts, accountants, and managers overseeing financial operations, marketing, and sales. Most of the highest-paying jobs major banks offer require at least a bachelor's degree and several years of experience.

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Which banking exam has the highest salary?

A: The highest paying bank jobs are listed below:
  • Auditor.
  • SBI PO.
  • RBI Grade B.
  • NABARD Grade A and B.
  • Finance Adviser.
  • IBPS PO.
  • SBI Clerk.

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What type of bankers earn the most?

What Finance Roles Pay the Most? Finance roles that typically pay the most include positions such as investment banking managing directors, hedge fund managers, or private equity partners. Chief financial officers (CFOs) of large corporations are also highly paid positions.

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Which bankers have the highest salary?

  • 1) Private Banker (Average Annual Salary: 5.50 L INR):
  • 2) Personal Banker (Average Annual Salary: 4.76 L INR):
  • 3) Relationship Banker (Average Annual Salary: 7.81 L INR):
  • 4) Investment Banker (Average Annual Salary: 7.92 L INR):
  • 5) Equity Analyst (Average Annual Salary: 6.63 L INR):

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Do people who work at banks make good money?

Bank jobs generally come with good compensation. With a banking job, you can be sure of a steady source of income with high salaries. Depending on the job, you can earn upward of $30,000 in an entry-level role. Many higher-level jobs provide salaries of over $150,000.

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What is the highest paying banking job?

What banking position offers the highest pay? C-level positions in Major banking typically offer the highest pay. These positions include Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, and Directors of Finance.

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Which role is best in banking?

Which Career is Best in the Banking Sector in India?
  • 1) Relationship Manager:
  • 2) Investment Banker:
  • 3) Risk Analyst:
  • 4) Product Manager:
  • 5) Compliance Officer:
  • 6) Operations Manager:
  • 7) IT Officer:
  • 8) Wealth Manager:

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What bank pays you the most?

To find the overall average pay for these titles, Glassdoor examined more than 740 salary reports for each. Perhaps not too surprisingly, Goldman Sachs pays VPs more than any other bank. Vice presidents at Goldman score a base salary of $169,896 a year, on average, while financial analysts make $69,461.

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Which is the easiest bank exam?

The IBPS RRB examination, conducted by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection for Regional Rural Banks, is often perceived as an easier path to a banking career compared to other competitive exams. Here's why: In the competitive world of banking exams, IBPS RRB stands out as a relatively easy option.

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Which bank is best for salary?

The best bank for salary account in India are:
  • IDFC First Salary Account.
  • Axis Bank Salary Account.
  • ICICI Salary Account.
  • HDFC Bank Salary Account.
  • SBI Salary Account.
  • Bank of Baroda Salary Account.
  • PNB My Salary Account.
  • Citibank Suvidha Salary Account.
Feb 25, 2024

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What bank hires the most?

Citi, US Bank, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase, four of the US' largest five banks, are the most active recruiters in world banking for the year to date. The second largest US bank by assets, Bank of America, drops out of the top 10 most active recruiters when looking at comparable date for the same period last year.

What banking job pays the most? (2024)
Which bank pays the most as a teller?

Top companies for Tellers in United States
  • Citi. 3.9 $22.48per hour. 19,932 reviews142 salaries reported.
  • Flushing Bank. 3.5 $22.10per hour. 74 reviews55 salaries reported.
  • Bank of the West. 3.4 $20.36per hour. 1,599 reviews7 salaries reported.
  • M&T Bank. 3.4 $19.89per hour. ...
  • Wells Fargo. 3.7 $18.70per hour. ...
  • Show more companies.

Which banking sector pays the most?

Macro sales and trading jobs pay an average of $485k

It's macro sales and trading jobs that pay the most in banks, with average salaries of $263k and average bonuses (in 2023) of $222k. Macro traders include traders working on foreign exchange desks and interest rate trading desks and related derivative products.

Who is the richest banker in the US?

Andy Beal is America's wealthiest banker, with a net worth of $10.3 billion. His firm's assets shot up from $7.5 billion to $32.6 billion after making a big get on inflation, MarketWatch reported.

What is the best salary for a personal banker?

Personal Banker Salary
Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$55,000$4,583
75th Percentile$47,000$3,916
25th Percentile$38,500$3,208

What is the best bank to work for?

Best Banks To Work For: Vault Ranking
  • Houlihan Lokey. ...
  • Allen & Company LLC. ...
  • Rothschild. ...
  • Barclays Investment Bank (Americas) ...
  • Jefferies. ...
  • Citi Institutional Clients Group. ...
  • Qatalyst Partners. ...
  • Bank of America Corp.
Feb 5, 2024

Which degree is best for a banking career?

Most banking roles require a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as finance, economics, accounting, or business administration. These programs typically cover key concepts in banking and finance and provide a strong foundation for a career in the industry.

Are bank jobs hard to get?

The bank had an acceptance rate of 0.33% for all applicants last year. Luckily, the internship was slightly easier to get into – 1.27%. Every little helps, we suppose. If you want to get into banking, you need to work very hard, exhaust every opportunity you have, and really, genuinely, be a little bit lucky.

Where do bankers get paid the most?

Highest paying cities for Bankers near United States
  • Charlotte, NC. $30.93 per hour.
  • New York, NY. $25.12 per hour. 49 salaries reported.
  • Brooklyn, NY. $24.84 per hour.
  • Houston, TX. $22.04 per hour.
  • Los Angeles, CA. $20.46 per hour. 25 salaries reported.
  • Show more nearby cities.

Which bank exam has the highest salary?

The State Bank of India is reputed to have the highest salary range among the Public Banks in India and SBI Exams are conducted to recruit candidates into various revered posts under the prestigious Organisation.

Which banking exam is best?

Top Bank Exams in India
  • IBPS Clerk (CWE Clerical)
  • RBI Officer Grade B.
  • RBI Officer Grade C.
  • RBI Office Assistant.

Which bank is best for a career?

9 Best Banking Companies in India 2022
  • HDFC Bank. 4.02. based on 12.7k Reviews. ...
  • ICICI Bank. 4.02. based on 10.1k Reviews. ...
  • Bandhan Bank. 3.95. based on 1.4k Reviews.

Which department in the bank is best to work?

13 Best-Paying Jobs in Major Banks
  • Investment Banker. Investment banking is a lucrative career in the finance industry. ...
  • Financial Manager. Financial managers focus on preparing financial statements and activity reports. ...
  • Loan Officer. ...
  • Commercial Banker. ...
  • Equity Analyst. ...
  • Financial Advisor. ...
  • Budget Analyst. ...
  • Credit Analyst.
Nov 21, 2022

Can you make a lot of money working at a bank?

Those who possess a background in finance and desire to pursue a high-paying career may consider applying for a role in the banking industry. Some of the highest-paid jobs in any industry exist in the banking field.

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