What is the Scarab used for in Merge Mansion? (2023)

What is the Scarab used for in Merge Mansion?

It is used for high level players to have a goal to reach, when they have no tasks left.

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What do I do with the butterfly in Merge Mansion?

Now, you will have to use Butterflies to complete various tasks in the 2022 Butterfly Event. However, along with Moths, Level 6 Butterflies can be “fed” to Pool Toys in the currently active Casey & Skatie event. When you do that, the Pool Toys drop the event items for you to merge.

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What is the family secret in Merge Mansion?

Game Theory: The Disturbing Lore of Merge Mansion Just Got Darker!

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Are the Butterflies important in Merge Mansion?

Basically, the rewards from that event are pool toys, which you 'feed' with top level butterflies and moths to receive casey and skatie items, which in turn build up towards fixing a sign for the beach area.

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Can you finish Merge Mansion?

There are no levels to pass in Merge Mansion, instead users will be able to unlock various locations where they can work to create new objects.

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What is the highest level in Merge Mansion?

Currently the maximum level is Level 50 it is not possible to increase your level higher than this. The level cap will be increased in future game updates.

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What is the fastest way to level up Merge Mansion?

Despite having complete freedom to merge and combine as you see fit, the best way to progress in Merge Mansion is by completing the main story missions. These missions often request all sorts of objects, including low level items and materials, in order to complete them.

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Do you ever enter the house in Merge Mansion?

How to Unlock the House in Merge Mansions. You'll naturally unlock the House in Merge Mansions at level 14. If you've made enough progress through the Garage section of the game, at least.

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What did grandma do in Merge Mansion?

Maddie's Grandma gives her keys to a gate, she finds a Mansion behind this gate. After going up to the Mansion Roddy Took, a Building Inspector, shows up and tells her the house has to be taken down, because it is unsafe. He hints that it doesn't have to come down, if Maddie cleans up the drive way and then leaves.

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How do you win Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansions tips and tricks
  1. Combining chests – save up your chests until you can combine them to get extra items.
  2. Piggy bank merge – merge your daily free piggy banks for extra rewards.
  3. Time boosters – save these up so you don't have to wait for rewards.
Aug 12, 2022

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What do you use the Mosaic for in Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansion mosaic pieces are required to fix the pavement and craft a vase in The Old Well, the 16th area to become available in the game.

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Does Merge Mansion need yarn?

You will need lots of Yarn and Benches for the tasks.

What is the Scarab used for in Merge Mansion? (2023)
How do I get more gloves in Merge Mansion?

Cobwebs. Cobwebbed Gardening Gloves are obtained by opening Simple Brown Boxes and Green Boxes.

Is there a level 41 in Merge Mansion?

At the moment, level 40 is the maximum level in-game. That being said, I would like to assure you that we are working hard on adding more content and features in the game, so that players like you could have more and more fun, while advancing further discovering the mysteries of the Mansion. Do not worry!

How do I get rid of Merge Mansion?

Settings->App->Manage App->Merge Mansion->Storage Space->Delete Data.

Do I need to keep blooming bush Merge Mansion?

Yes, you need them at least once in the Maze, Task 140.

What do you use the Mosaic for in Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansion mosaic pieces are required to fix the pavement and craft a vase in The Old Well, the 16th area to become available in the game.

What are the butterflies in Peacemaker?

In HBO's Peacemaker, directed by James Gunn, the Butterflies are an alien race of flying insectoid creatures who can crawl into human bodies and take over their minds, having access to all of their memories which allows them to infiltrate humanity with ease.

How do you get peony seeds in Merge Mansion?

Making Peony Flowers in Mansion follows the same steps as all other components: you mix, merge, and multiply. To start, you'll need Peony Seeds. These are dropped from level 6+ Vases. These Vases drop from the Drawer item.

How do you get the tree in Merge Mansion?

  1. Tree Seeds can be found in Fancy Blue Chests. Level 4-6 Trees will also periodically give one. Tree Seed that will arrive in any empty field next to them.
  2. From Level 5 onward the Tree will also give. Wood (I) when tapped.
  3. Wood (I) and. Tree Seed drops are independent from each other.

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