Where is cur? (2023)

Where is Xur today?

He only appears on the weekends between 12 PM EST on Friday to 12 PM EST on Tuesday, and his location changes each week. He will appear in the public sector of any of the four worlds: European Dead Zone, Titan, IO, and Nessus or in the Tower. him.

Where is Xur d1?

Xur can be found in a number of places; the Hall of Guardians, near Arcite 99-40, or in the North Tower, in front of the wooden doors. He can also be found in the Ship Wright area of The Tower near Dead Orbit Vendors. His location varies each weekend, so keep an eye and an ear out.

Where does Xur show up in the tower?

You can find him in the Tower over in the Hangar. Run to the right side of the map and run under the building housing Future War Cult. Head to the northern edge of the map and run up the flight of stairs there. You'll find Xur hanging out right at the top of that first staircase, next to the next flight of stairs.

Did Xur disappear?

As it turns out, Bungie decided to move Xur to a new location because he was causing the game to crash for some. The developers have moved him to the tower in the flight bay mid stairwell.

What is Xur selling legendary?

Who Is Xur? If you're new to the game, Xur is a character that sells exotic weapons and armour over the weekend.

Where is Xur 22?

Bungie doesn't mark Xur's location on the in-game map, so it can be easy to miss him if you're not aware he exists. But he only comes to specific locations, of which now there are only three: the Tower Hangar area, on Nessus in Watcher's Grave, and in the Winding Cove area of the EDZ.

Is Xur one of the nine?

He is subservient to the Nine, enigmatic rulers of the Jovians, the section of the Solar System past the asteroid belt. Xûr claims that his will is not his own, and he is in complete servitude to The Nine. It is important to note that he is not one of them.

What is hawkmoon god roll?

Right now, Destiny 2's Exotic vendor Xur is selling the best Hawkmoon Hand Cannon PvP god roll that he's ever had. The roll features Eye of the Storm, Hammer-Forged Rifling, and Smooth Grip. Eye of the Storm buffs accuracy and handling as you take damage, which is perfect for duels.

Can you still buy exotics from Xur?

Xur will always have Exotic engrams, and every week, you can purchase one for 97 Legendary Shards. You can also get a second one with an Exotic Cypher, which you can earn by getting a quest from Xur and completing the objectives.

Why can't I find Xur?

He appears only on weekends between 5 AM EST on Friday to 5 AM EST Sunday, either in the Tower or the Reef. Xur's location is constantly changing within those two place, and for a guardian on the go such as yourself, that can be a challenge.

Where does Xur spawn in the hanger?

The Tower: Hanger

Xur can appear in the Tower hanger on the right side of the map.

How do you farm Legendary Shards?

You get Legendary Shards every time you dismantle a weapon or armor piece of Legendary or Exotic rarity. Legendaries give between three and four Shards; Exotics can give up to five. You can also dismantle Legendary Engrams in your postmaster for three or four shards.

Where is Xur 4 2 22?

Xur is located in the Winding Cove region of the EDZ.

If you're familiar with Xur, you know that his inventory always features Exotic gear. He only accepts Legendary Shards for payment, so you'll want to make sure you have a decent amount.

Where is Xur 1 13?

Xur's location in the Tower. Spawn in using the Courtyard transmat zone in the Tower to find Xur this week. Head left and down the stairs to enter the Hangar section, then hang another left. Make your way to the north end of the area and look for a staircase that will take you onto a catwalk, where Xur is waiting.

What is the highest light level in Destiny 2 right now?

New Power Level Cap

All Guardians now start with 1600 Power Level, the Soft cap is 1750, the Powerful cap is 1800, and the Pinnacle cap, i.e, the Max Light Level, is 1810.

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