Why is resin art so expensive? (2024)

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Why is resin art so expensive?

Epoxy resins are expensive because they're made with high-priced raw materials, require trained labor and precision, need costly marketing, and are often made in countries where all of the above cost more. In addition, these resins are sold in large quantities, which drives their price further up.

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Why does resin cost so much?

These are the crude oils, natural gasses, as well as additives used in making different types of resins. The costs of these materials are affected by availability and market demand. When these materials are short in supply, producing the resins becomes more expensive.

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Is resin art worth the money?

A resin art business can be highly profitable, especially if managed properly with a clear business plan and marketing strategies in place. The demand for unique and personalized resin art pieces has been increasing in recent years, leading to the growth of this industry.

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Is resin art an expensive hobby?

Like I said at the start, it's an expensive hobby and it takes a lot of practice to build up the skills and techniques to create the effects that you want.

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Is working with resin expensive?

Resin Geodes use more expensive materials to be made, and they generally look more expensive and therefore you can set a higher price. Larger resin projects can fetch a higher price too.

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What is the downside of resin?

Q1 : What are the disadvantages of epoxy resin? The resin can yellow if exposed to excessive sunlight. Our resin has been improved to resist yellowing from UV light and if kept out of direct sunlight the yellowing will be reduced. It also is prone to trapping air bubbles or dust.

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Why do people buy resin art?

Versatility Of Resin Art

Resin art can be used in a variety of ways, including in jewelry making, home decor, and as a medium for fine art. The possibilities are endless when it comes to resin art. You can create pieces that range from simple and minimalist to complex and abstract.

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How long does resin art last?

Most other reputable resin brands should last for at least 5 years—again with proper care—before needing to be refreshed. The important thing is to avoid unfamiliar brands, especially those sold by 3rd-parties on open marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

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How should I price my resin art?

How to price my resin art?
  1. Resin kit used. The first option allows you to choose which kit you have used to create your piece. ...
  2. Amount of resin used. This is the amount of resin you have used to create the piece. ...
  3. Price of additional accessories used. ...
  4. Hourly Rate. ...
  5. Profit Margin. ...
  6. Price per ml.

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Is it hard to learn resin art?

Resin art requires some special supplies that you may not already have in your crafting cupboard, as well as safety gear as it's a toxic chemical when liquid (though it's non-toxic when set). Resin art isn't difficult to make, but you do need some patience as each step should be followed with care.

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What to buy for resin art beginners?

What key supplies do beginners need before they start their very first project?
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Resin and hardener.
  • Heat gun (or small blowtorch if working very small items)
  • Whatever bedazzlements you like: pigments, glitter, inks, stones.
  • Moulds (nothing will clear out your bank account quicker)

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What is the difference between art resin and epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin may be used to finish drawings, paintings, photography and other works of art with a protective hard-shell finish. Art resin is a bit thinner than tabletop resin, mixes more quickly, has a longer working time and is easier to manipulate for art projects.

Why is resin art so expensive? (2024)
What is the major disadvantages of epoxy resin?

One of the major disadvantages of epoxy adhesives is their tendency to have a long cure time. Some formulations can cure quickly and be ready for use within minutes or hours. However, most epoxy adhesives typically require several hours or even days to fully cure.

How much does it cost to start resin?

To create your initial inventory, the resin alone will cost at least $400, and you should plan to invest another $100 into moulds and other gear, plus the inks, paints, and other materials you'll use. Also, you should set aside about $100 to get your website up and running.

Is resin art bad for you?

It's important to note that every epoxy resin is classified as an irritant. This means that if it comes into contact with your skin, it can cause irritation, which is why you need to wear gloves when working with resin.

Why is resin controversial?

Synthetic resins are made from fossil fuels, meaning they will take forever to biodegrade fully. It is one of the reasons why they are not environmentally friendly, and alternatives were developed.

Is resin smell toxic?

Epoxy and resin can be poisonous if they are swallowed or their fumes are breathed in.

Is making resin art profitable?

The resin market is one of the lucrative ways for dedicated artists to market and sell their expertise by crafting unique art pieces. Artists can choose to design thousands of the best resin crafts to sell that can bring huge returns.

Can resin art break?

Anything made with a casting resin can crack or shatter if dropped on a hard surface. This includes all types of resins that cure hard.

What are the disadvantages of resin art?

If you mean resin casting or cold casting this is a less costly, safer and time effective method than using bronze. The disadvantages are quality, and levels of detail which are not as fine as using bronze, other cast metals, or plaster.

What is an alternative to resin for art?

There are a few brands of liquid clay that cure crystal clear and glossy and can therefore make an excellent alternative to resin. Kato Liquid Polyclay, Sculpey Liquid Clear, and Fimo Liquid will all cure clear and glossy when they're fully cured.

What is the difference between ArtResin and casting resin?

Art resin is designed for use in art projects. It's safe for home use, non-toxic when used correctly, and easy to mix. It dries to a clear, glossy finish and is often used to coat paintings, create tumblers, dome artwork, and other DIY epoxy art projects. Casting resin, however, is used to create solid objects.

Can you put a fresh flower in resin?

When casting any natural object into resin, like flowers, you should always use completely dry objects, if you used fresh flowers these could trap moisture in the resin which then has no way to escape and will eventually rot the flowers. You can dry your flowers by placing them in forestry silica gel beads.

What happens when you use resin without hardener?

It is only when mixed with an epoxy hardener that they can undergo the chemical reaction needed to cure properly. If applied onto a floor without the hardener, the resin would remain a near liquid indefinitely and could not transform into a durable flooring system.

How long do you let resin sit after pouring?

Craft Resin's cure time is about 24 hours (depending on the thickness of your project). This is the time the resin and hardener mix goes through the chemical reaction to form a solid. After 24 hours it still might not be completely solid, and can be slightly flexible.

How much does resin usually cost?

Epoxy resin prices vary widely based on quality and sourcing. On average, you can expect a price between $100 and $150 per gallon.

What is the market size of resin art?

Market Size in 2022Market Forecast in 2030CAGR (in %)
USD 13.2 BillionUSD 24.6 Billion8.1%
Nov 2, 2023

Is resin beginner friendly?

You will be able to create stunning works of art that are sure to impress even as a beginner. Although working with epoxy resin may seem intimidating at first, our Project Helper will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Can we learn resin art at home?

Epoxy resin is an easy medium to learn.

It's a fun way to tap into your artistic side, and you'll be amazed at the beautiful artwork you can create, even as a beginner. The best part is that you'll never run out of new ideas, new techniques and new projects to try.

Do you need a heat gun for resin art?

Heat guns can help make cells in resin art.

Cells are the holy grail of resin painting. Heat guns help you make resin cells because they push resin over the surface of your painting.

Do you have to mix UV resin?

No mixing is required (except for the addition of UV Resin colorants) and it cures in as little as 1 minute with no colorant added, using the UV light shown. Unlike 2-part epoxy resins, this UV cure resin requires no long setup times prior to hardening, and you use just the amount you need without waste.

What chemical is used in resin art?

Epoxy resin, mixed with pigment, may be used as a painting medium, by pouring layers on top of each other to form a complete picture.

Can I use heat gun for resin?

When you use the heat gun, it is important to ensure it is held about 2-3 inches away from the surface. Move it in a circular motion over the epoxy/resin to ensure even heating. This will help the bubbles rise to the surface, and either pop them or make it easier to access with a needle or toothpick.

What is the easiest resin for beginners?

Epoxy – The best object for craft and smaller home projects, especially for beginners. It has a low odor. Once mixed, you'll have a short amount of time to cast your pieces (usually 20 minutes or less) and the epoxy usually cures within 24 hours.

What is better than epoxy resin?

UV heat will also wear and cause yellowing in the epoxy in outdoor areas. Polyurea is more durable than epoxy and more flexible because it is an elastomer. It is also chemical resistant and can withstand stable heat up to 266℉ and 430℉ for a shorter time, according to Corrosionpedia.

Can you brush on ArtResin?

If your work is textured to begin with, apply ArtResin with a foam brush, in and out of the areas of relief, to provide an even layer of resin. If you have a flat surface, you can create texture in the resin by using a ragging technique with a gloved hand or a rag to create a perfectly imperfect finish.

When not to use epoxy resin?

Do not use Epoxies when temperatures of the air or the substrate will drop below 50 degrees F. Without first consulting with Epoxy.com Tech service for cold installation. Do not forget to allow extra time for epoxy to cure when working at lower temperatures.

Why is resin bad for the environment?

Artist Resin consists of petroleum. Petroleum extraction causes tons of problems in the environment. One of these problems is that it pollutes not only our oceans but also the sources of water supplies. It contaminates our soil and air.

Is resin an expensive hobby?

Like I said at the start, it's an expensive hobby and it takes a lot of practice to build up the skills and techniques to create the effects that you want.

Is selling resin art worth it?

Is resin art profitable? Resin art, if done well, can be an extremely profitable business with the luxury of working from home at your own flexibility. It still remains an unexploited industry and you get high margins for the creativity that you pour in your resin products.

Is resin expensive to buy?

How much does epoxy resin cost? Like most art and craft materials, the cost of epoxy resin varies greatly depending on the type and quality that you choose. Generally, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $120 per litre of epoxy resin.

Is resin cheaper than epoxy?

Polyester resin requires a catalyst to cure and the curing time is approximately 12 hours. It can be rendered UV-resistant and is relatively easy to use. It is also tolerant to temperature and much less expensive than epoxy resin.

What can I use instead of resin?

Unlike epoxy resin, concrete and plaster can be easily applied to large surfaces as well. Other great alternatives to epoxy resin include slush latex, metal, plastic, and alabaster.

Is resin cheaper than 3D printing?

Yes, filament 3D printing is generally cheaper than resin 3D printing due to the lower cost of purchasing filament compared to resin. Resin can cost between $15 and $80 for 500 ml to 1 liter, while a 1 kg spool of PLA, ABS, or PETG filament typically costs around $20.

Is resin easy for beginners?

Craft Resin is versatile and affordable that is easy to work with and produces great results. It is low viscosity so perfect for small projects like jewellery. The mixing ratio is a simple 1:1 resin to hardener too. The beginners kit includes 500ml resin, 500ml hardener, gloves, measuring cups and stirring sticks.

Is resin water proof?

Once cured, epoxy resin is waterproof.

Once it has finished bonding and curing, epoxy will prevent permeation by nearly any liquid or solid material, including water and humid air. Because of this feature, epoxy is frequently used in garage flooring, on shower walls, and as a coating for outdoor table tops.

What can I use instead of molds for resin?

The most basic option that you can get to make your own mold is to use sellotape or brown tape. These can be used on top of boards to create the outline of a shape which creates a dammed area, which you can then pour your resin into. Once the piece is fully cured you can then remove the tape and board from underneath.

Can Mod Podge be used like resin?

Mod Podge Resin is the fun way to create beautiful resin projects. With the clear hardener and resin formulas, you can create custom pieces with a unique touch. Simply mix an equal 1:1 ratio of each formula to make your projects come to life.

Is Mod Podge a resin?

Mod Podge Resin dries to a beautiful hard, clear, high-gloss finish - perfect for embedding flowers or photos.

Can you pour resin over a painting?

Adding epoxy resin to a painting or art piece enhances the colors and gives the piece a glossy, clean finish. A clear coat of resin also provides added protection from general wear or scratches. Although the results glisten for themselves, the process requires patience, preparation, and care.

How expensive is a resin printer?

Depending on the “recipe”, the stereolithography resin can be plastic, ceramic, or even metal-based. How much does a resin 3D printer cost? A resin 3D printer can cost anywhere from $500 to over $250,000. However, there are many resin 3D printers available for under $10,000.

Can you resin print indoors?

Improper Use Poses Significant Hazards. The main area where hazards arise is the irresponsible or improper use of 3D printing resin. Fumes are emitted during the process, so printing inside or in a space without excellent ventilation can pollute indoor air.

How much does printing resin cost?

Standard resin, on average, cost $50 per litre, and some resin materials can go up to $300 per litre.

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