Year 2000 holiday barbie? (2024)

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What is the rarest holiday Barbie?

Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie. The Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie was a 1994 special edition prototype that has been estimated to cost $999, but is currently on sale on eBay for a whopping $5,000. Carol Spencer was a designer for Mattel since the 1960s, hence the prototype name and the incredible value.

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What is the misprint on the 1997 Holiday Barbie?

What makes this doll special is that the doll has green eyes but the portrait on the back of the box (that features the same Barbie) has blue eyes. '''

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What was the very first Holiday Barbie?

The 1988 Holiday Barbie was considered to be the first collectible Barbie released by Mattel.

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What Barbies are collectors looking for?

Vintage Barbie dolls on the market from 1959 to the late 1960s are especially prized among collectors. Often, these Barbies had bendable legs or red hair, and they are considered some of the most rare and valuable. Today, the price of a mint condition Barbie from this era can run close to $25,000.

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Should I sell my old Barbies?

Yes, it can be very worthwhile to sell your vintage Barbie collection, as collectible Barbie dolls can be worth a lot of money on the current market. This is especially true if the dolls are mint-in-box — and more so still if it's the original box.

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How can you tell if a Barbie is rare?

Especially prized among the collectors are the vintage Barbie doll models produced between 1959 and the late 1960s. The Barbies from this period that had red hair and bendable legs are considered to be the most rare and valuable examples.

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What is the best selling Barbie of all time?

The best-selling Barbie doll is Totally Hair Barbie, released in 1992. Totally Hair Barbie has sold more than 10 million dolls worldwide.

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What is the error on 1998 Holiday Barbie box?

This RARE 1998 Holiday Barbie has a misprint on the back of the box that shows Barbie in a different gown than she is wearing in the box.

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What does limited edition Barbie mean?

Limited Edition Barbies - These special Barbie dolls are dolls that were made in limited quantities. Often these dolls were only available only from specific retail stores. These Barbie dolls often have higher quality materials and may be better made than regular Barbie dolls.

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What does Pink Label Barbie mean?

The Pink Label Collection is the fun, keepsake dolls that are not limited in production and are often sold at general discount department stores. The Silver label collection is limited to no more than 50,000 dolls worldwide and comes packaged in a silver-trimmed “reveal” package.

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What is Black Label Barbie dolls?

The Black Label (or tier) was introduced in 2004 and it features dolls designed for Collectors ages 14 and up. Much like the Pink Label, there's not production limit on Black Label Barbies. That said, collectors appreciate the elegant packaging and stunning designs of these dolls.

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How many holiday Barbies are there?

Mattel has released a Holiday Barbie every year since 1988, totaling 32 unique dolls.

Year 2000 holiday barbie? (2024)
What does the oldest Barbie look like?

The first Barbie doll wore a black-and-white zebra striped swimsuit and signature topknot ponytail, and was available as either a blonde or brunette. The doll was marketed as a "Teen-age Fashion Model", with her clothes created by Mattel fashion designer Charlotte Johnson.

What does the oldest Barbie doll look like?

On March 9, 1959, the first Barbie doll goes on display at the American Toy Fair in New York City. Eleven inches tall, with a waterfall of blond hair, Barbie was the first mass-produced toy doll in the United States with adult features.

What Barbie dolls are worth money now?

Most Valuable Vintage Barbie Dolls

Original Barbie - The original first edition Barbie from 1959 is very rare. Money, Inc. reports that even in played-with condition, she is worth $8,000. In pristine condition, she could be worth more than $27,000.

What is the best way to sell Barbies?

Online marketplaces: Websites like eBay and Amazon are popular for selling Barbie dolls and other collectible items. These platforms have a large audience and make it easy for buyers to search for and purchase Barbie dolls.

Do pawn shops buy collectible Barbies?

Do you have collectible dolls or doll houses laying around gathering dust? Selling original Barbie dolls or other collectibles and their accessories like doll houses can earn you top dollar. 1st United Pawn and Loan wants to buy them and put cash in your hands!

What age to stop playing with Barbies?

So, at what age do children stop playing with dolls? Some kids may lose interest in dolls around the age of 5 or 6, while others may continue to play with them into their pre-teen years. There really isn't a "magic age" at which all children suddenly stop playing with dolls - it varies from child to child.

What should I do with my old Barbies?

Mattel PlayBack is a free way to recycle your old Barbie, Matchbox and Mega toys. When it's time to move out of Barbie's Dreamhouse, the next stop doesn't have to be the landfill.

Why do old Barbies get sticky?

Certain types of vinyl, including the vinyl used for certain #4/5 Barbies, are susceptible to stickiness from migrating plasticizers. Also, dolls made of hard and soft plastics often cause disintegration in one another—where the materials meet sticky.

What do the numbers on Barbie dolls mean?

Barbie dolls, especially vintage ones, are often identified by the marks on the doll's behind or torso. These markings often include a date. The stamped date is actually the copyright date of a particular kind of doll body. The most common markings on Barbie dolls include "©1966", "Mattel, Inc."

Are Barbies from the 90s worth anything?

Yes! Collectible Barbie dolls are some of the most valuable 90s toys. But not all barbies from the 90s are worth a pretty penny. One of the most expensive Barbies of all time is the 'Pink Splendor Barbie' from 1996.

What's the coolest Barbie?

Top Rating Barbie Dolls of 2022
  • Barbie Top Gun Maverick. ...
  • Barbie Dia De Muertos. ...
  • Barbie Dreamtopia Princess. ...
  • Barbie Travel Doll. ...
  • Barbie Lunar New Year. ...
  • Barbie (Sister) Chelsea. ...
  • Barbie Careers. ...
  • Barbie Inspiring Women.
Jun 30, 2022

Who is Barbies biggest competitor?

Sindy was believed to be created as a competitor of the Barbie doll. She was meant to be a younger, simpler version of the glamourous Barbie. Barbie was, and still is known for her more mature and beautiful looks.

What's the most popular doll in the world?

Here's how Barbie came to be the best-selling children's toy in history. Perhaps no other doll is more famous than Barbie.

How do you tell the date of a Barbie doll?

Look at the Body

On the back of most dolls, there is a marking with a year. This IS NOT the year the doll was produced, it is the year the BODY was first produced. Most dolls from the 2000s will use a 1999 body called the “Bend n Snap” body.

Why was Hello Barbie discontinued?

This is a great Barbie doll. Although, I was heartbroken when I found out that the Hello Barbie app did not work anymore for any of the devices, as they stopped making this Barbie shortly after she was released in late 2015 due to safety concerns.

What are the Barbies with disabilities?

This includes a Barbie with a behind-the-ear hearing aid and a Barbie with a prosthetic leg; plus, a Ken doll with vitiligo, a condition where the skin loses pigmentation and appears blotchy.

What is OG Barbie?

4842 Morrison Rd. Denver, 303-881-5415. $24.99 (OUT THE DOOR PRICE) The Barbie OG strain is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a unique scent and flavor profile. Its buds have a sweet and fruity aroma, with hints of vanilla and pine.

How much is the first black Barbie doll worth?

African-American Midnight Tuxedo Barbie (2001)

Follett estimates this Barbie will fetch about $1,000 dollars MIB. Here's what Barbie looked like the decade you were born.

What is the original Barbie logo?

1. What is the original Barbie logo? In 1959, Mattel introduced the first Barbie doll, and the initial Barbie logo was a bright pink wordmark in a bespoke cursive design with letters that were slightly curved at the top.

What is Barbies signature color?

Barbie doll's signature color is Barbie Pink (PMS 219).

What was Barbies first outfit?

Her first outfit was a swimsuit.

Barbie's original outfit was this retro black-and-white striped swimsuit, and her first hairstyle was a perfect little ponytail.

What was the name of the first black Barbie doll?

In 1968, Mattel created Christie. Christie had the same body as Barbie so that their clothes were interchangeable. But her face was a new design intended to highlight the facial features of a Black woman. Many consider Christie to be the first “Black Barbie.” Christie was part of a series of talking dolls.

Why are Black dolls more expensive?

“The problem, I believe when we look at these discrepancies in pricing is that toy manufacturers do not produce Black dolls in proportion to the number of people in the human population,” she said, citing that Black dolls are less commonly made and often hand-crafted.

How old is the first black Barbie?

In 1980, Mattel released the first black and Hispanic dolls named Barbie.

What year was the first Black Holiday Barbie?

Holiday Barbie Barbie African American 1997 Year Manufactured Special Edition Vintageless Dolls & Doll Playsets.

Do Holiday Barbies come with a stand?

Includes doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Who is the first Barbie Girl?

Barbie, in full Barbara Millicent Roberts, an 11-inch- (29-cm-) tall plastic doll with the figure of an adult woman that was introduced on March 9, 1959, by Mattel, Inc., a southern California toy company. Ruth Handler, who cofounded Mattel with her husband, Elliot, spearheaded the introduction of the doll.

What is Ken's full name?

Kenneth Sean Carson is a fashion doll and fictional character invented by Elliot Handler and introduced by American toy company Mattel in 1961 as the counterpart of Barbie, who was introduced two years earlier.

Is there a chubby Barbie?

"See her hips?" Curvy Barbie has wider hips and a slightly fuller face and arms than non-curvy Barbies. You only notice this if you put her next to the other body shapes.

How much was the first ever Barbie doll?

The very first Barbie sold for just $3, which equates to approximately $27 today. When you look at it that way, she's actually become more affordable, as you can buy a standard Barbie at Target for just $7.19.

When did Barbie get a belly button?

Even though Barbie has been everything from an astronaut to a computer engineer (what a kerfuffle that turned out to be), it wasn't until 2004 that she got a belly button. And it wasn't until 2016 that Mattel announced it's introducing three new body types to its Fashionistas range of dolls.

What happened to Barbie Collector website?

Since 2017, the website has been split into three: its present location which became Barbie Kids (now Play Barbie), for Barbie's fashion show-offs (which since August 20, 2021 has been housed in the new Mattel Creations website) and its website section under Mattel.

Which Barbies from the 90s are worth money?

One of the most expensive Barbies of all time is the 'Pink Splendor Barbie' from 1996. There are only around 10,000 in the world, and when she was released, the Pink Splendor Barbie was the most expensive retail Barbie ever, originally priced at $900.

What can I do with my old Barbie collection?

Mattel PlayBack is a free way to recycle your old Barbie, Matchbox and Mega toys. When it's time to move out of Barbie's Dreamhouse, the next stop doesn't have to be the landfill.

How do I get to the old Barbie website?

To access the old Barbie website, go to

Who has the largest Barbie doll collection?

This week, as Barbie celebrates her 56th birthday we take a look back at Bettina Dorfmann's extensive record-breaking collection of over 15,000 different Barbie dolls. Bettina received her first doll back in 1966, but has only been collecting seriously since 1993.

Are McDonald's Barbies worth anything?

McDonald's featured Barbie toys on multiple occasions throughout the years, but the special thing about the 1993 collection was that the dolls came with actual “hair” instead of plastic. Every kid knows, this is a really really big deal. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can find these dolls online for $10.99.

Do Barbies increase in value?

It's important to identify their condition since even the most valuable Barbie dolls' worth will increase and decrease according to how well-maintained she is. If you have one in excellent condition, she'll have these features, and be worth more money than her well-loved sisters: Smooth hair. Skin free from marks.

Are Barbie dolls a good investment?

According to, a picture-sharing community for collectors that launched the Barbie index, the brunette version of Barbie provided the best investment since 2005 - up 6.6% a year on average.

What is the best selling Barbie doll of all time?

The best-selling Barbie doll is Totally Hair Barbie, released in 1992. Totally Hair Barbie has sold more than 10 million dolls worldwide.

Do pawn shops buy old Barbies?

Do you have collectible dolls or doll houses laying around gathering dust? Selling original Barbie dolls or other collectibles and their accessories like doll houses can earn you top dollar. 1st United Pawn and Loan wants to buy them and put cash in your hands!

What age should you buy Barbies?

Mattel now targets girls ages 3 to 7 with Barbie dolls—but there's no doubt that these girls would be better served by dolls without the problems outlined above, notes educational psychologist Lori Day, author of Her Next Chapter.

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